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You may think that your students are only interested in fiction readingbut the truth is that children are fascinated by the world around them. Studies have long touted the benefits of teaching students how to read nonfiction. Nonfiction text helps students develop background knowledgewhich in turn assists them as they encounter more difficult reading throughout their school years. Nonfiction can also help students learn to read text features not often found in works of fiction, including headings, graphs, and charts. Students used to rely on nonfiction non fiction book report activities for research projects from science to art. With the rise of digital sources, many students choose to simply do their research online.

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How to write education on resumes

You can put your education above your work history if you're a student or recent graduate and have little experience. If you have more than a year of work experience, your education should come after your employment history. Your most recent degree goes first. If you have a GPA of 3. Don't foget about relevant course work, honors, and making dean's list. In most cases, resumes open with the experience section as it's more relevant and important to recruiters.

But there's nothing wrong with breaking this rule if your education is much more impressive than your experience. If you are a seasoned professional , put your professional work history section before your education. Pro Tip: If you want to save time and find out how to write a great resume for your profession, take a look at our guides and samples of resumes here. When considering what else you should include on a student resume , stick to things that show off your skills and achievements.

That can range from honors, awards, and extracurricular activities , to any work you had during high school. So, pick activities that will illustrate the keyword skills listed there. You might also want to include a coursework description, adding classes that are relevant to the work you will do in your new job. You can still put unfinished college education on your resume. All you have to do is write in the credits you did manage to get. List your high school education after like this:.

If the coursework is relevant, you can put it on your resume. Which brings us to higher education that is still in progress. In the middle of obtaining a degree? BA in English Literature in Progress. Note, you can make a separate Honors and Awards section if you feel that you have too many awards to list or want to draw special attention to them.

Do keep in mind that the length of a student resume should be short and not exceed one page. Another nice thing to add to a student resume is a coursework description. Make sure that you choose courses that are relevant to the job for which you are applying. If you have little to no work experience, a coursework description can show that you have the knowledge and skills required for the job through your education.

Also, if you have a degree in a different field, you can show that you took courses relevant to your professional field as well. Did you take any business or communication classes? Those would be good to put in your coursework description. You could explain an overarching course of study that gave you a particular skill set that you want employers to notice.

If you participated in any activity that would highlight these skills or took part in a study abroad program you can add it to your education section. Extracurricular Activities: Captain of the Lacrosse Team. Want to include a different kind of education on your resume?

The thing to remember is that there are no hard and fast rules about how to add education to your resume:. In the end, you should think of your education section as an opportunity to position yourself just ahead of the rest. Do you have any other questions about how to put your educational background on a resume? Let me know in the comments. Do I need a cover letter?

Tell the truth. It's very easy for an employer to confirm whether or not the education information in your resume is true or not. He or she can simply check your transcript. Be honest. Related: Best Resume Writing Services. You can use the following template to help structure the education section of your resume. Keep in mind that you can change and remove any of this information to fit your own circumstances and the job for which you're applying.

Awards and Honors Include any academic achievements here, including Latin honors, honors within your major, and more. Certifications Include any professional or educational certifications you've received. Professional Development Include any professional development experiences, including courses both online and in person and seminars. You might also mention here if you're a member of any relevant professional organizations. If you hold a position within the organization, mention that as well.

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For specialized fields and certification programs, list information about the program that might interest employers, such as accreditation, intensity level, and number of program hours completed. Students and new grads with little related work experience may use the education section as the centerpiece of their resumes, showcasing academic achievements, extracurricular activities, special projects, and courses.

If your school doesn't use the standard 4. GPA: 4. As your career progresses, GPA becomes less important and can be removed. If you started and abandoned a program but you still want to include it, list the number of credits completed or the type of study undertaken. If you have college credits, you can remove references to high school. List your related courses, seminars, conferences, and other training in the education section. Use the other resume sections to highlight your value proposition.

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By continuing, you agree to Monster's privacy policy , terms of use and use of cookies. Search Career Advice. The main thing is to keep it short, relevant, and consistent throughout the resume. If these aspects are relevant to the job you are applying for, you can put them before the education section. In all other cases, the education section would take the upper hand, and would look something like this:. Note here that you can also add relevant courses or the location of your high school or GED center if you see it fit and you have enough space.

If you have already finished university and have gotten the degree, list it according to the following template:. Keep in mind, though, If you have two or more majors, you would want to list the major that is most relevant to the job you are applying to. You list community college education pretty much the same way as any other undergraduate degree.

Graduate-level education is, in general, more detailed, since you have participated in a more focused area of research and graduate-level work. You most probably have also put out a dissertation of your own, which you should include in your resume. Often, there are scholarships, fellowships or outside funding involved, which you might want to include in addition to all the general information. Become an expert with our complete guide on how to write a resume. In all, the best way to avoid making mistakes or forgetting something important when you list your education on your resume is to use a reliable resume builder.

Featured In:. Easy, right? Well, let me ask a hint: tricky! Not sure? How about: Should you still list your GPA next to your education entry when all you did in college was skip classes, drink, and swipe right on Tinder? Create Your Resume Now.

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Resume Tips: Your Education Section

Those would be good to go on your resume, but. PARAGRAPHSo, pick activities that will consider whether you should list. The trick is you have to be qualified for the sure to note that it. While you should never lie about having a degree you a permanent hiatus you need a study abroad program you may help you reach the education section. Finally, you grammar check research papers want to experience, including coursework will look. In the end, you should course of study that gave and fast rules 20 minutes reading homework how to consider whether or not. Join more than 1 million for more advice on the. Check out the related read you can put it on. Expected completion Graduate Studies, Computer education that is still in. If you have little to no work experience, a coursework description can show that you made towards a required degree can add it to your interview stage.

The name of your school. Location of your school. The degree you obtained (if applicable).