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Help me write best essay on hillary clinton


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Hillary attended the Maine South high school where she graduated in the year , being a national merit finalist. After the completion of the high school education, she enrolled at the Wellesley College in the year Hillary majored in political science; alongside she was an active student in the field of politics and appointed the president of the young Wellesley young Republicans. During her junior years, she was a great follower of the presidential nomination campaign of the Democrat aspirate Eugene McCarthy.

In the year , she was chosen as the chief executive of the Wellesley College state association and worked through At one time she staged a two-day student strike in the protest of the assassination of Martin Luther King.

In , Hillary graduated with a bachelor degree in arts in political science. Hillary political position often changed in a couple of time during the decade of She was viewed as a person having the conservative mind with a liberal mind. She was the first student to the address the audience as a commencement during a school function that was attended by Senator Brooke.

During the ceremony, she gave a speech that lasted for about seven minutes receiving a standard ovation. This brought her to the limelight were she was able to feature in an article that was published in the life magazine. Hillary appeared on several mass media and the New England newspaper as a result of the speech that she gave out which criticized Senator, Brooke.

She worked in different places taking some odd jobs on the line. Hillary later went to the Yale law school for postgraduate studies where she worked as an editorial panel of the Yale. In additional, she also worked at the child study center during her second year doing more research and learning childhood brain development at early stages as well as a research assistant at an individual level.

She much involved in children case of abuse and offered free legal services to the less fortunate in the society. In the year she worked under the Marian Wright Edelman's after getting a grant, in specific, she was designated to Senator Walter Mondale with specialization on migratory labor. Hillary was given internship in the year under the Oakland California law firm which was famous for its handstand on civil liberties, constitutional rights, and fundamental cause.

Some of her responsibilities that she major on include child guardianship and other case related to the same nature Levy and Krassas Clinton had privately bought a small house before making the proposal where they relocated to after marriage.

Hilary Clinton and Bill Clinton are blessed with one daughter the name Chelsea Victoria who was born in the year February 27 Bernstein While she was undertaking her postgraduate study, Hillary worked as a lawyer for Edelman's with the children defense fund which was newly founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in addition, as a counselor to the Carnegie Council on children.

In the year , she was chosen as a representative of the impeachment inquiry staff in the Washington DC. She was in charge of giving advice to the house of committee on the judiciary at the time of the Watergate scandal. Hillary provided the research procedures of impeachment, standards for impeachment, and historical grounds that saw the step-down of the President Richard Nixon in August In the year , Hillary undertook a teaching criminal law at the University of Arkansas.

She was promoted to the first chief of the new law department, with support from the federal fund and the local bar. In support of other women, Hillary founded the first abuse crisis center. After the period of two years, Hillary migrated to the state capital of Arkansas after the appointment of her husband Bill Clinton as the new Arkansas attorney general.

Hillary put more efforts in the field of children law and family and wrote different articles such as the Abandonment and Neglect, children policies in additional to other articles. The Arkansas Advocates for children was cofounded by Hilary which was a government level union with kid's defense money. Her determination efforts and administrative capabilities gave her the appointment as the chief of the board comprised of directors of legal services corporation by the then President Jimmy Carter in the year Hillary worked in the legal services organization between until the end of She also acted as the chairman of a board and breaking the history as the first women to hold such a position.

In the year , Hillary husband Bill Clinton was appointed the governor of Arkansas, and she automatic became the first lady of the Arkansas. This title was in possession for twelve years. Clinton, as the governor, appointed her to head the rural health advisory committee as the chair of the organization. This position gave her a good chance to be able to get access to the federal funds that she used in the expansion of the medical facilities in the Arkansas undeveloped regions without influencing on the doctor's payment.

The Arkansas Educational Standards Committee was put under her control in the year During her time in office, she aimed at improving the educational standards and introduced teaching test as a compulsory. In the same capacity, she set conditions for the curriculum and the class size. For six years from to , in the New World Foundation organization, Hillary was the chair of the group in the commanding position.

In the year to she worked as one of the boards of directors of the American bar associations commission on women, the aim of the organization was to fight against gender inequality. In the year , Hillary joined her husband in campaigning for the seat of presidency election on the ticket of Democratic. She played a crucial role in the election and was a key factor for Clinton victory.

With the high win of the election, Hillary became the first lady of the United States of America. In the history of the US, she became the first woman to hold in possession of the postgraduate degree and the first to occupy an office one in the west wing and another one in the east wing.

Hillary undertook an active role in public policies and claims were made that she was a co-president. She was involved in the appointment of about twelve people to lead top most positions and other many at the lower level. As the first lady of the Federal State, she was appointed to the post of the head of a task force charged with national health reforms in the year , which was popular; know as the Clinton health care plan.

At some point, the Clinton health care plan faced opposition and was abandoned because even some of the Democratic were in the protest that it was Hillary care. It was the failure of the Clinton health care plan to go through that brought about conversely and led to the fall of the popularity of the ruling Democrat party and witnesses the rise of the Republicans in the election. Hillary role in making policy matters was downgraded. Hillary came up with the children insurance program in the year The program was aimed at helping children have access to the health coverage through the support of the state.

The program was for those children that parents could not be able to provide health coverage and carried out campaigns on the importance of the program. In additional, she promoted the universal immunization for childhood diseases and called upon aged women to get the mammogram for the purpose of cancer screening with expense outlined in the Medicare. Hillary fought for the increase of money towards prostate cancer, asthma among others. Under Hillary term as the first lady she advocates for different acts which comprise of the following; foster care independence, and adoption and safe families act.

Hillary Clinton was also able to form the violence against women at the department of the justice. In the office as the first lady, she hosted a different conference at the White House such as child care, children adolescents, early childhood development and learning.

She was able to travel to 79 countries including Pakistan and India to amend their relation with the US. It was during her trip that she eventual developed her career in diplomacy. All in all Hillary Clinton as the first lady came under several investigations by the federal state office of the independent counsel.

She and Bill Clinton had invested in what is known as the Whitewater real estate project Levy and Krassas Hillary Clinton is a proud receiver of several awards and medals for showing the outstanding contribution as a lawyer and same as a politician. Several universities have awarded her the honorary degrees across the global.

Some of the major awards that were won by Hillary Clinton comprise of the following. Hillary Clinton political career started, when she went to the US Senate and eventually clinch the seat with a huge margin and was sworn in office on January 3, After the expiry of Hillary Clinton term in the offices, she was able again to win the election for the second time under the Democratic ticket. Hillary made some contribution while in Senate which comprise of the following; she supported taking military action in the Afghanistan to fight the emergence of the nuclear weapons, other input range from the reworking of the security of the some of the state which was facing attacks, and additional of money for supporting recovery efforts in the New York.

In the year , Hillary Clinton was on the forefront with the intention of contesting the presidential election of , which made her the first women to be awarded a ticket to go ballot on a nomination. During the appointment for the party ticket, she was defeated by Barrack Obama. Despite this, she did not lose hope whereby she was appointed the Secretary of State.

While in office as the secretary of state, she was able to champion different proposals across the world. Hillary raised the voices of women and human rights. As the secretary of state, she calls for the United States military intervention in the crisis that was facing Libya and was on leading from the front about the US response to the Arab Springs.

Hillary Clinton reassigned from the position in , 1 February Bernstein Despite the success of Hillary Clinton as the secretary of state, she faces some controversies. One of the keys was the email controversy that was exposed in the year by the state Department inspector general.

It was reported that Hillary Clinton used her personal email accounts in the nongovernment privately monitored server instead of using an email account that is controlled by the government servers when handling official duties during her time in office. The application of a private server and private messaging system software was seen as the violation of the department protocols, methods, federal laws, and regulation governing the recordkeeping requirement.

The report that was realized which was 79 pages alongside a separate FBI investigation involving the private email account has exacerbated Clinton political reputation and given an upper hand in the election to the Republican Levy and Krassas In on April Clinton officially announced her candidacy for the presidency in the election. For her to attain the party ticket she encountered stiff challenge from another democratic socialist Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, she was able to clinch the party ticket and was officially nominated as the democratic national convention injury During the campaign period, she held a leading national poll against her opponent a business tycoon Donald Trump.

Most of her campaign was based on her economic philosophy on the inclusive capitalism and gave the US export-import bank support. Other high points during Hillary campaigns were the equality for payment in work done, and the support for the same-sex marriage.

Her focus was also drawn towards the family issues in her campaigns and was in support of the universal preschool and affordable care act. With the assumption that she was leading in the polls alongside many controversies surrounding her presidential opponent business tycoon Donald Trump it was clearly shown that Hillary Clinton could come out as the winner of the election. Hillary lost the election to Trump cutting short her dream to be the first female president of the United States Levy and Krassas In conclusion, Hillary Clinton was once a Republican, where she worked with Republican nominee Barry Goldwater campaign.

Hillary switched sides in the year and campaigned for Democratic president nominee Eugene McCarthy. Clinton begins her speech thanking the audience and expressing how happy she is to be there, adding in some of her credentials as a politician. Hillary Clinton: Strategies and Goals Hillary Clinton is an important character in the impeachment process and the sex scandal in general. Due to her great involvement in this personal matter, the. One face that has been around for many years, but is not always talked about in the media is Hilary Clinton.

Hillary is one face in our country that is both well-known politically and also publicly. Normally when writing a paper, particularly one that is a biography, the first inclination is to write about someone who is directly involved with current events.

Hillary Clinton, while not a prominent part of our current governmental events, has been very active in past events and remains. Hillary was raised in Park Ridge, Illinois, a picture perfect suburb located 15 miles northwest of Downtown Chicago. As a young woman, Hillary. Clinton spoke about how women around the world were not treated equally, how women rights should be equal to human rights, and the ghastly abuse and discrimination women faced around the world.

The reason for the conference was to strengthen women, families, and societies in order to empower women to taking control of their lives and. How is language being used to change the aspect of an intended audience? In which apparently. The most visible of these candidates is Hillary Clinton. It is truly inspiring that just a mere ninety-five years ago the 19th amendment was passed, women had just received the right to vote and now they are able to run for president.

Objectification, sexist comments, and unfair evaluation are all things that Hillary Clinton has to endure because she is a woman. Hillary was born to Hugh E. Rodham and Dorothy Howell. In fact, her name often crops up in talks about the presidential race as someone who could possibly be the first woman President of the United States.

A few years later she. She was born a common woman. Before her fame she was an ordinary person. Additionally, she went on to college at Yale University. There she met her husband, Bill Clinton. Soon after they were married they.

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