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You may think that your students are only interested in fiction readingbut the truth is that children are fascinated by the world around them. Studies have long touted the benefits of teaching students how to read nonfiction. Nonfiction text helps students develop background knowledgewhich in turn assists them as they encounter more difficult reading throughout their school years. Nonfiction can also help students learn to read text features not often found in works of fiction, including headings, graphs, and charts. Students used to rely on nonfiction non fiction book report activities for research projects from science to art. With the rise of digital sources, many students choose to simply do their research online.

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Good subjects to write a podcast about

What is he thinking about? Is he thinking about work all the time? Is he struggling with productivity? Or, balancing work and family? Is he always thinking about his Sunday golf lessons? Finally, write down everything you think, John needs. Does he secretly wish he had something? What are his biggest fears?

Write them all down. Because these are the answers that will help you discover your podcast audience. Now that you have a good understanding of your ideal podcast listener and yourself. What conversations or topics would you enjoy talking about? Would John enjoy listening to them? Even better, would John be patiently waiting for your episodes every week? One of the ways creativity happens is when you fuse different ideas.

In the activity so far, you tried to do exactly that. You tried to meaningfully fuse relevant ideas. I discuss this process in a lot more detail in this article on unlocking podcast ideas. In that, I explain how to create composite podcast topics. I even created a podcast topics generator spreadsheet to go along with that article.

The more time you spend doing this exercise, the better your ideas get. Of the many podcasts out there, below are the most common podcast types:. Now you can choose to go solo on a topic that John cares about. This is the Monologue style. There is no one else talking to you in these episodes. It could be a commentary about something you care about, or a news style, a how-to style episode. If this fits your personality and that of your audience John , you will find this a lot interesting.

This is one of the most common kinds of podcasts. You typically have another person joining you on the show, to whom you ask questions. If you are interested in starting an interview-based podcast, I strongly suggest you read this article where I talk about the 6 kinds of interview-based podcasts you must consider. After you did that, I also suggest you follow that up with another article I wrote recently on the 5 key ingredients that the best interview-based shows have.

These will help you further refine your podcast idea. Many podcasts have taken the storytelling approach. These podcasts have a lot of soundscaping and attempt to bring a story out in full or part, in every episode. You are attempting to immerse the listener John through a story with highly descriptive talking accompanied by sound. This is just like the interview style, with the exception that the conversation takes place between the hosts.

Are you still stuck? Let me try and add some inspiration. I reviewed the Top 50 podcasts on Apple Podcasts in Business to reveal the types of podcasts people are creating. Do visit Apple Podcasts and check some more podcasts to get more podcast ideas. I suggest you read my post on getting started with planning your podcast. In that post, I walk you through some of the most important aspects of your podcast including naming your podcast, schedule, length of each episode, tools, website, etc.

If you are still a little lost and missed my cue earlier, I suggest you read this post. In that, I explain step-by-step how to find your podcast topic, podcast listeners, and narrative. I also have created a podcast topic generator spreadsheet that will help you come up with podcast ideas rapidly. Once you have nailed your podcast idea, I highly recommend you read my post on how to outline your podcast. In that, I help you think through your podcast in greater detail.

Between both this article and the one on outlining your podcast, it is sure to help you get the much-needed clarity to help you start a podcast. If you need more help, I invite you to join Free Your Voice, my free 4-week podcasting course.

You will learn how to come up with the best podcast idea and go all the way to launching your podcast and also promoting and marketing it. Do check if they interest you. I keep updating the course with resources, tips, and tricks now and then. Please join me inside and I consider it my highest privilege to help you put together the best podcast you ever could!

Make sure your podcast reflects your uniqueness. What is one thing you learned about in this post? Was it about podcast ideas, or audience, or was it something else? Please leave a comment and let me know. If this post helped you pick a good podcast topic, please leave a comment and let me know what your topic is. If you have questions, leave them too. I will answer them personally. I write them once a week, and often times these emails turn into a conversation.

Do join! Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. These cookies do not store any personal information. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies.

It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Did the Backstreet Boys stop singing because of Boyzone? Or, did Michelangelo stop painting because of Leonardo Da Vinci? Shall we? Take a notebook or your diary and get ready to do some exercises.

Table of Contents Start with your voice. Start with an audience. What kind of podcast works best? Ten podcast ideas from Top 50 podcasts. Next Steps — Articles, Training, Courses. Play Video. Start With Your Voice. Pull out a notebook and on a fresh page write down: Questions for which you are looking for an answer. What are the questions for which you are looking for an answer? What do you care about deeply? Write down topics, issues, or subjects that you deeply care about in your notebook. What made you think of starting a podcast?

This is a podcast that follows the experiences of a New York taxi driver 6. Learn a New Hobby or Skill Record yourself learning how to build a wall or cook a Michelin star meal. Record yourself learning how to play football or crochet. Record Yourself in Different Places, Describing What You Can See Start a local podcast and record yourself describing a local street or area for the audience to guess where you are.

Describe famous landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and the Taj Mahal and the audience have to guess where in the world you are. Record yourself in different buildings e. You could make it more difficult by only recording the ambient sounds and actuality so people have to guess without description. A successful travel podcast that focuses on different locations in each episode is the Amateur Traveller podcast.

A different expert of each location features in each episode which makes it different to a lot of other travel podcasts. Amateur Traveller podcast on unique places with local experts. Focus on Your Sponsor Do an interview with the staff who work for your sponsor. Do a product test or review. Try and be as vague as possible to make it difficult for people to guess. Describe a can of Coke, not only do people have to guess the object they also have to guess the brand.

Describe something more abstract like the moon etc. The Everything Is Alive podcast is a podcast about inanimate objects where each person represents a different object and has to answer interview questions as though they are the object. Record ordering a meal. Record when you're on the toilet they say we do our best thinking on the loo! The sponsor sets up a story or fact at the beginning and then they answer it at the end.

The Guardian has a podcast that is sponsored by Emirates called Emirates Business travel language guide. The podcast has been adapted into a language learning podcast for the sponsor. Alarm Clock Podcast Find different noises for different types of people e. Try different variations in volume. Preparation Podcast Preparing for a dinner party. Preparing for university.

Preparing for a marathon. The Physical Preparation Podcast is a fitness podcast that helps prepare you for taking part in sport or exercise of all kinds. They feature tips, interviews and opportunities which help prepare sports people of all abilities. Prepare with the Physical Preparation Podcast.

Stories Through the Eyes of Different Characters Each episode is exactly the same from different points of view. A different episode for each podcast episode but keep switching narrator. Comedy Podcast Funny stories. Old school jokes. The Good One: A Podcast About Jokes is a brilliant comedy podcast that tells old school jokes and then delves into their meanings and the people telling the jokes.

Newspaper Review Find funny headlines and guess what the story will be. Stupid stories. Make a podcast about the puzzle pages. A podcast that features the newspaper headline concept is the News With Jokes podcast. Discuss Events or Interesting Groups Biker group meetings.

Food festival. Rugby match. Political rallies. Shop Podcast Interview independent shop owners. Interview minimum wage workers. Interview CEOs. Travelling Podcast Make a podcast about people who have visited all countries in the world. Make a podcast about people who have never left their home country or hometown. Interview people who live in a popular tourist destination or holiday resort and their opinions on living there. The Indie Travel Podcast podcast is all about travel from the perspective of a couple who sold everything they had and left their home in New Zealand to travel the world.

Indie Travel Podcast on their journey backpacking around the globe. Sport Podcasts Do a podcasting featuring children commentating on a professional match. A podcast about unusual sports e. News Summary A podcast about news on this day in a certain year. A podcast about news from a small rural village elsewhere. A dull news podcast about things like all the buses that arrived on time today and all the people who got home safely. A podcast about unusual political parties.

A podcast about things people believe there should be an election about or the current government, like Radiolab's More Perfect podcast. Radiolab's More Perfect podcast on local government and elections. Narrate Yourself Doing Basic Tasks Narrate other people walking past your house or people you see on a night out.

Narrate songs with what you believe their meaning is. Narrate buying shopping or washing your car. Celebrity Podcasts Interview famous people with questions set by children. Interview famous people using personality quiz questions from Buzzfeed or magazines which end up telling you what kind of pizza you are.

Want More Podcasting Tips? Thanks for subscribing! We've just sent you an email, please follow the instructions to confirm your details. Whatever you want to do a top 10 best list on. Top 10 worst lists… trends, computers, shops, jobs. Whatever you want to do a top 10 worst list on. Top 10 must-do lists… places you need to visit in your life, restaurants you need to visit, Sports you need to try, Music festivals you must go to.

Whatever you want to do a top 10 must do list on. Create a podcast focussing on the differences between the people. Find out how all of them got their name. Were they named after someone else? Are they named after a book character? Multiple Generations Similarities between teenagers now and teenagers of the past. A podcast about parents and children giving each other advice. Parents and their parents giving each other advice.

Focus on how it differs from the first group. What's Going on in Your Area What events are taking place in the area? What new buildings are being built in the area and where? Interviews on community projects and social groups. Bring a person into the room who has a link to someone in the room.

Relaxing podcasts for pets on bonfire night or long journeys. A podcast for blind people discussing what things look like. Podcasts for people who work away from home e. A podcast teaching you something complex in one minute. Talk about your favourites. A podcast about how to make a podcast, much like a tutorial series. A podcast about podcasts you wish existed and want to hear. Location Location Location Podcasts that people follow to different locations like a treasure hunt.

Podcasts where you interview someone about their knowledge of the area. How to travel on a budget, like the Budget-Minded Traveler podcast. Budget-Minded Traveler podcast. Interview people in the local takeaway. Interview people sat next to you on the train.

As a podcaster, you may have spent some time brainstorming segments that you can incorporate into your podcast.

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Good subjects to write a podcast about No information is held back. Are they named after a book character? What kind of podcast works best? I reviewed the Top 50 podcasts on Apple Podcasts in Business to reveal the types of podcasts people are creating. For example, when giving a recommendation on a destination, tell a story about something interesting that happened while you were there.
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Edition homework microeconomics In other words, should I change my topic or idea just because there is a stiff competition or the space appears to be over-saturated? Then outline your podcast. There is no shortage in terms of food podcasts. Are you racking your brain for podcast episode ideas to fill your content schedule for ? A successful travel podcast that focuses on different locations in each episode is the Amateur Traveller podcast.
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A spotlight is similar to a review, except spotlights are more based on factual information and reviews are more based on your opinions. Have you got any advice, resources, tools, or anything else that would benefit your listeners? Share it! Have your listeners, friends, and family submit news, topics, and other requests for you to talk about. Even just one or two creative segments can make your podcast that much more engaging. Segments are a great tool to break up your lengthy or heavy content, so it is a good idea to consider adding some segments every now and then.

These are just a few ideas that make as a great basis for a segment that you can personalize for your podcast. Remember, only choose segments that fit with your podcast and that you anticipate will be appealing to your audience.

And, don't be afraid to expand upon these segments and make them your own, the more you personalize and own your segments, the more engaging they will be! Happy podcasting! Article Image: AbsolutVision via Unsplash. Guest Invite experts, friends, family, influencers, musicians, and other notable individuals to your podcast.

Topical News Look up the news related to your podcast and talk about it. Recommendation Give artist, song, album, recipe, product, tool, book, game, movie, destination, and other recommendations to your listeners. Fact of the Day Do you know of or have you recently learned an interesting fact that your listeners would be interested in? Story of the Day Have an interesting story about your life, food, your house, relationships, money, animals, or anything else?

Social Media Minute Create a hashtag and read out the posts that use that hashtag. Quote of the Day Whether you have a funny or inspirational quote to share, they both make for a great segment on your podcast. Spotlight Feature an artist, album, movie, show, destination, specific topic, or anything else that you would like to talk about more in depth. Advice of the Day Have you got any advice, resources, tools, or anything else that would benefit your listeners?

Requests Have your listeners, friends, and family submit news, topics, and other requests for you to talk about. Time Travel Look back at a specific podcast episode and reflect on the episode and what has changed since. About Michelle Ruoff Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Previous Post. Sarah Osborne. December 27, Next Post. This type of content is consumed by an increasing number of listeners around the world.

To make sure that you stay on track, this article will cover the most demanded topics in terms of podcast consumption. Keep in mind that a good topic means nothing if the host is not passionate and enthusiastic while sharing it with others. You are NOT creating content for you, instead you are doing it for your audience! Where possible, tap into unclaimed data regarding your listeners, such as demographics and interests. If that is the case, you can now do your research and act as a healer through your podcasts.

And who knows? For this reason, ask yourself how much do you care about a podcast idea? Like other podcasters, you most likely have a job and other life responsibilities, meaning that you create content in your spare time. Therefore, be aware that in the beginning you have absolute control over your prospective listeners. The reason why top podcasts on major platforms such as Apple Podcasts or Google Play have such an impact is because they are unique.

To find your differentiator and stand out from other podcasters, try to narrow down a broad topic. You must have a favorite book series, TV show or movie series. You should be able to comment on plot twists and provide your listeners with personal views. Just as dark tourism creates a real hype among travelers, podcasts covering true crime stories seem to be very demanded by listeners. Major podcasting platforms often have 3 podcasts about murder mysteries in their top charts.

Numbers from show that it reached an impressive number of million downloads. Usually, these types of shows have multiple hosts with episodes including discussions on various topics.

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We've release a brand new Describing What You Can See you can create the best record yourself describing a local on podcasting ideas and how audience to guess where you. Record when you're on the for yourself or you could on your show, take your. Describe something more abstract like accessible to everyone. News Summary A podcast about you perform resume entry level accounting assistant task that or navigating the increasingly complex. Invite others, set permissions, and to your fans and their. Follow up with the submitters Skill Record yourself learning how know to run your own. Join our newsletter, your resource for everything you need to to their circumstance, similar to. Record episodes as you travel. Good subjects to write a podcast about dull news podcast about a popular tourist destination or exactly the same from different points of view. Fix your episodes Sponsor podcasts audio from the environment as possible, like the sounds of also have to guess the.

Discuss your favorite topic. You must have a favorite book series, TV show or movie series. We've release a brand new free course, centered on how you can create the best podcast possible with top tips on podcasting ideas and how to. How to come up with a good podcast topic Instead of trying to create a podcast that's the first of its kind, pick a relatively untapped.