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Do to write a business contract

However, you will want to make sure the method at which you are signing contracts digitally is compliant with eSignature laws. What makes a business contract, well, a business contract? While there are common provisions that you can find in every document, overarching principles and legal philosophies design them. Essentially, a business contract indicates that something of value was traded and that all parties agreed to the terms.

When signing a business contract, it is only as good as the language it contains. If your business contracts do not have the critical parts described above, you will experience legal issues in a court of law should you or the other parties raise a dispute.

Ensure that you incorporate the essential parts as well as the standard clauses found in business contracts. Business contracts vary in terms according to the transaction, size, payment terms, and other elements. You can organize and manage these terms by breaking your business contracts up into common clauses. This strategy will ensure that your arrangements are precise and that all principals can quickly locate the information they need.

A well-written business contract is essential to uphold the legality and enforceability of the above-referenced provisions. Small business law and business contracts go hand-in-hand, which means you need to support both of these components. Start with a clear purpose in mind when drafting your business contracts. The purpose of business contracts is to protect the legal rights of you and your company when engaging in business relationships and transactions. If you do not have a written agreement in place, you open your organization to a host of legal issues.

Consider some critical reasons as to why you should make business contracts a part of your regular practice. There is no question that business contracts serve vital purposes. If a legal question or dispute crops up, you will have a document that both of you signed regarding the terms and conditions of the transaction. It is harder to refute or deny proof when a judge or jury is staring at it.

Lastly, avoid using oral contracts. These cases are challenging to prove. Get your business contracts in writing so that they offer you the intended protections you need. Image via Pexels by Christina Morillo. While it may be rather tempting to download a contract template online, you will serve yourself and your company well by following through on the process more professionally. Online templates are recycled from other transactions that may or may not be legally binding or enforceable in your geographic location.

Keep in mind that a contract is only as good as the language and provisions it contains. As you can infer, there are several steps that you may go through to achieve the best possible result for your business contracts. You are also likely to face some tough questions as crucial issues arise. Ensure that you get help with business contracts from a legal professional directly. Here is another article on how to write a contract. If you need to get help with business contracts, start by speak with business contract lawyers.

They can help you negotiate the terms and conditions of your deal by drafting a legal agreement that makes sense for your situation. When legal disputes arise, they can also stand by your side and mount a defense or offense against the allegations at hand. Your business contract lawyers will also guarantee that they are compliant with your geographic region.

Some states and countries require contracts to contain specific provisions for enforceability. Business contract lawyers will guide you through compliance measures as well. I have been practicing law for 35 years. In addition to my law degree, I hold an MBA. I've created six companies, currently act as outside counsel to another 12, and have been an advisor to more than startups and entrepreneurs.

I am a licensed and active Business Attorney, with over 20 years of diverse legal and business experience. I specialize in contract review, drafting, negotiations, ecommerce business transactions, breach of contract issues, contract dispute and arbitration. I am licensed to practice in New York and Connecticut. My experience includes serving as General Counsel to small businesses. I negotiate, draft and review a wide array of commercial contracts; provide business strategy and employment advice and assist in the sale of businesses entities.

I work extensively with various kinds of contracts. In reviewing agreements, I conduct risk analysis of contract and interpret the terms and conditions so that clients understand exactly what their obligations are under the agreement and are protected as much as the law requires.

I am detailed and thorough in my review and drafting of agreements. Additionally, I advise clients on how to limit their liability and lower their contractual risk. I specialize in breach of contract issues and arbitration. I have been a Hearing Officer, presiding over cases and rendering written decisions; a Civil Court Arbitrator presiding over cases in contract law, commercial law, etc.

His major areas of practice include labor and employment law; business law; corporate, contract and tax law; and estate planning. Graduate of Georgetown Law J. John comes from a family of entrepreneurs. At the age of fifteen, John entered into a new business venture with his father and managed to grow and maintain that business through high school, college and law school. John is currently a co founder in over five different businesses. After law school, John decided that he wanted to help people like himself.

He opened his own law practice and began working primarily with small business owners until he was introduced into the startup world. Ever since that time, John has worked with hundreds of startups and thousands of entrepreneurs from all different backgrounds in helping them achieve their goals. Having been an entrepreneur his entire life, John understands what it takes to create and maintain a successful business.

The reason for creating the contract must be legal in order for it to be considered valid in a court of law. If a contract is centered around the exchange of illegal goods or services, that contract is void. For example, a contract cannot be formed for the purpose of selling illegal drugs. The contract terms should be completely clear to both of the parties involved in the agreement.

Some contracts, especially between larger companies, may include names of persons authorized to sign agreements on behalf of the company. Usually, these people hold higher positions in the company like the CEO or director.

The consideration should be laid out clearly. Spell out exactly what is being exchanged, when it will be exchanged, and for how long. Some companies may enter into a contract for services to be provided on a regular basis, other times contracts may only cover a one-time exchange. Non-compete clauses are also helpful when writing business contracts. They can prevent the contractor you are working with from providing the same products or services to one of your business' competitors for a specified period once your contract is terminated.

It is also a good idea to outline how to handle any issues or disputes. Certain terms and conditions can include provisions for the payment of legal fees should a lawyer get involved. Sometimes the contract will stipulate that the losing side of the case is responsible for the legal fees of the winning side. Small business owners should include an ADR alternative dispute resolution clause in order to prevent costly court trials. An ADR clause may stipulate that any legal issues that arise between the small business and the contracted party must be handled through arbitration or mediation rather than litigation.

ADR methods are generally less expensive and time-consuming than a trial. Plus, public trials could get the attention of the local media and potentially harm the reputation of the business. Termination clauses should spell out exactly how the contract can be terminated or become void.


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A business contract is an agreement made between two or more parties that defines the terms of, and legally binds each party to, the agreement. A business contract may cover such business dealings as:. No matter the topic of the contract, written contracts are always preferable because they provide a record of what was agreed to, should the contract be disputed and perhaps be sent before a court of law.

Oral, or spoken agreements, may be technically binding, but they are far more difficult , if not impossible, to enforce. One should also be sure they understand every aspect of a contract before they sign it. If one does not understand any aspect of a contract, legal counsel should be obtained. For instance, whether the parties should pay in installments, or whether they should make a one-time payment. Most contract disputes stem from delayed or late payments, so it helps to be as specific as possible.

Even these perpetual or indefinite contracts may expire should one party want out. This decision to leave a contract is sometimes due to unfair treatment or payment disputes. You need a mechanism in place that makes any case of termination of the contract simple for all parties. You need to spell out the terms of contract termination clearly so that all parties are on board with the method. One party may decide to detach itself from the agreement.

However, before they do so, they have to give notice to other members so they can agree with the decision. Different states have different laws regarding contractual agreements. These laws are for resolving any disputes that may arise with the involved parties.

This small segment gets all the members up to speed on the laws that dictate the contract before they sign it. In most cases, you might need a lawyer to help you with this particular section of the contract. Hopefully, now you know how to write a business contract the right way. A lawyer will help plug any loophole and iron out any issues with your business contract. Contracts are crucial documents that may affect every aspect of your business. For more guides on everything business-related, make sure you have a look at other pieces on the site.

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Get it in writing. Keep it simple. Deal with the right person.