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Eragon 1 book report

She quickly removes a blue stone and before the Shade can cast the necessary magic to snag the rock, it disappears. Angered by the interaction, the Shade kills his Urgal companions and takes the elf captive before riding away. While sighting a female deer with his bow to gather food for his family, Eragon is rocked by an explosion throughout the woods. A circle of dead grass forms around the blast center with hundreds of trees ripped clean.

Eragon walks toward the explosion point and notices the presence of a stone, cautious but for a moment before picking it up. The polished blue stone is very hard yet smooth and colorful. Eragon is unsure of it other than that it might be valuable, so he packs it up and sleeps for the night. The next day Eragon hikes his way back out of the woods to return home without any game.

It takes him nearly two days to reach the Palancar Valley where Carvahall — his home — is located. Before heading home he decides to stop at the butcher shop and pick up some meat for his family. Because Eragon has no money, he attempts to sell the blue stone for the meat, but the butcher — Sloan — will not take it because its value is unknown.

When Eragon finally takes the money, he admits he found the stone in the Spine, to which Sloan angrily refuses the trade. He threatens Eragon and tells him to leave. Working to harvest their crops before a blizzard works through and covers thearea in snow, Garrow worries about the traders making their way through.

A bit later, Eragon notes their tracks and everyone packs up and readies for them. They arrive in town and Eragon begins looking for a merchant to value his stone, noticing how wary everyone appears. When he finds Merlock, a jewel merchant, he and Garrow enter a private tent to observe the tone.

Unable to value the stone, he comments on how hard it is and that it is oddly hollow. Urgals are attacking villages in the desert, so the king has sent his own armies to fight them. Later in a tavern, Eragon hears more of the world, of the rebel Vardens fighting with the Urgals against the King. The traders speak highly of the king, to which the villagers disagree. The villagers continue to argue with the traders about the empire, displaying their hatred for the king and the empire, going way back, wary of his intentions.

Brom, the storyteller, later weaves stories of the Dragon Riders, protectors of the king and allies of elves and dwarves. The other riders denied him one as he was now evil. There were two riders though who helped Galbatorix sneak in and steal a young dragon though, and with Morzan at his side fought the Riders. There were 13 evil riders in all at the end and they killed all of the other riders and defeated King Vrael to place Galbatorix on the throne.

Returning from the village, Eragon tests the hollowness of his stone with various items, beating on it repeatedly until it produces a mild squeak. Later that night while sleeping he is awoken by another squeak, this time much louder coming from the stone. After hiding the stone under his bed he goes back to sleep for the night, intent on dealing with it in the morning. When the stone moves about under his bed, Eragon wakes once more and decides to bury it. The dragon itself is small and covered in blue sapphires, revealing the stone as an egg.

The dragon watches him for a moment, but then begins to explore. When Eragon reaches to touch the dragon he feels a jolt of energy course through him, extremely painful in its abruptness. An oval then appears on his hand. When he touches the dragon a second time, nothing happens nearly so violent.

However, a small charge runs through him and he feels emotions that are not his own. The dragon is hungry, so he feeds it and decides to hide the dragon, knowing he cannot kill it but that the dragon could bring pain and worry to his family. The next day, Eragon takes the dragon to the woods and builds a small shelter for her, telling her to stay through their new telepathic link.

The dragon survives well on her own and Eragon begins to spend a great deal of time with her. The dragon quickly begins to grow and the two begin to communicate much better. Stretching to longer distances, their link is almost complete and the dragon begins to grow large dagger like teeth and heavy scales.

Worried for the safety of the dragon, Eragon covers her tracks often, keeping her secret. Brom tells Eragon the story of the Dragon Riders and their origins, how dragons arrived with the creation of Algalsia and that early on elves and dragons fought vehemently. One day an elf named Eragon found an egg and raised his dragon in secret.

The two later made the case for peace and Eragon became the first dragon rider. Brom also tells Ergaon that dwarves have disappeared in recent years, hiding underground to escape the reach of the empire. Dragons can not only live for hundreds of years but have a magical impact on other living things.

Because of this link, Dragon Riders become smarter and stronger than other humans. The last thing the two discuss is names for dragons, Eragon seeking a name for his new dragon. The last name given to him is Saphira. He also announces that he will propose to Katrina. Eragon for his part is worried that his father will not accept the decision, worried about the work that needs to be done on the farm. Now that Eragon knows that dragons are as intelligent as human beings, he sees his in a different light.

Even with her reaching out to him, Eragon is in a fowl mood, something that she can also feel through their link. Eventually, he says Saphira and she accepts the name, happy with the sound of it. Eragon is worried about the upcoming changes and discusses them at length with Saphira. The two become much closer as they have intelligent conversations and Saphira displays her wisdom. Wanting to reveal her to his family, Eragon is cautioned to be wary by Saphira because of how they might react.

On the night Roran is to leave, Eragon almost tells his cousin about Saphira, but decides against it, worried about how busy his cousin already is with his packing. The next morning, Roran and Eragon leave for Carvahall, waving goodbye to Garrow as he offers words of wisdom for Eragon and money for Roran.

The blacksmith pulls Eragon aside and asks him about the blue stone, warning him that two odd men were looking for a similar stone and that Eragon should be rid of it. Horst tells Eragon that no one betrayed him for having the stone but that he should be wary as the strangers gave him a bad feeling.

After hugging his cousin and waving goodbye, Eragon overhears Sloan speaking to two hissing voices about an incidence that happened 3 months ago. After some threats by the two voices and reassurances by Sloan, the two turn to see Eragon and begin approaching them with their swords unsheathing. He asks one more time about the trader who offered so much information about dragons. Eragon is unable to answer any questions though. He runs off before Brom can say anything. Eragon runs home quickly and finds his uncle outside, near the barn.

He decides to go to Saphira first, to show his uncle and make sure he believes him. As he approaches her, she becomes agitated by the news of the strangers and the smell of blood. Eragon climbs on her back and she flies away, unable to calm down.

Eragon clings for his life as she flies high above the woods, making him sick. He tries to get her to return but in her fright, she refuses angrily. She flies all the way to the Spine and when he finally falls to the snow from her back, he is in horrible pain.

When he questions why she took him away, she tells him the strangers were killers and he becomes angry that his uncle is in danger. Tired and hungry, Eragon asks to be returned home. She is still frightened, but his angry accusations force her to take him back.

When they finally return, the farm is in ruins and Saphira immediately sense the horrors that have occurred. They dig through the rubble and finally find Garrow, unearthing him of the rubble. His body is horribly burned and oozing. She drops him off near the town and Eragon begins to drag Garrow toward the town. Finally Brom arrives, running towards them, and Eragon collapses. While still passed out Eragon sees silver haired men with lances boarding a ship and dragons flying above.

Garrow is not getting any better and Eragon has been unconscious himself for more than 2 days. She presses Eragon for answers about what happened on the farm, the entire village being curious about it as well as asking about his scar from the egg. They are going to have to leave the village for a while. Eragon wakes in the middle of the night with the sensation that something horrible has happened only to find that Garrow is dead. His grief is overwhelming and he cries and thinks on his losses in life, comforted by Elain.

Overhearing Horst say to someone that Eragon is hiding things from him, he decides to leave to purse the killers. Eragon figures that Brom is someone other than a storyteller, but cannot get more information from him. The next day, Brom takes it upon himself to cut and measure a saddle for Saphira. When he finishes they decide to leave the next day and find horses as they cannot both ride Saphira. Brom begins training Eragon as well, attacking him with a stick and knocking him out, as Eragon is completely unprepared for the attack.

The two continue traveling, passing the mountain range on the outskirts of Therinsford and settling down to camp outside the village for the evening, practicing sword fighting more. The next day, the three set out across the plains, putting Saphira high into the air to stay hidden.

They decide to travel to Yazuac along the split in the trail and they experience the heat and dry wind of the plains. On the third day, the three encounter a massive storm heading their way, knocking Saphira about with its powerful wind. She is thrown to the ground, nearly injuring Eragon. Saphira is uninjured by the storm, but before they are fully recovered another cloud is upon them, bringing rain and lightning.

Eragon and Brom arrive at and enter the village of Yazuac, leaving Saphira outside to hide something she does not appreciate. The village is silent when they arrive though, setting both men on edge. In the center of the village are piled the dead bodies of all of the townspeople, including babies. Eragon vomits in disgust and Brom relates his own thoughts, that it must have been done by Urgals.

After checking the prints in the ground, Brom urges them to leave, telling Eragon to run. As they flee, Eragon is knocked from his horse and dragged to the ground by an Urgal. Another one attacks Brom who does a decent job of fighting it off, urging Eragon to run. Running from the Urgal, Eragon tries to shoot him with his bow, but the arrow is knocked away. In the ensuing chase, Eragon is knocked down repeatedly but still manages to escape, grabbing Brom along the way, who has been shot in the arm.

After saving Brom from another Urgal, Eragon is stuck in an alley, faced by two of the creatures. Eragon finds Brom bleeding from his wound and Saphira arrives, angry at the attack. Later on, after ruminating on the magic he has used, the three discuss what was done wrong. Brom reveals that he does in fact know some magic himself.

Brom tells Eragon not to mess with magic on his own though, that it is dangerous and will harm him if musused. If a powerful word is used by a weak user, it will kill them. As the three continue to travel through the woods, Brom explains that he will have to teach Eragon himself the ways of the Dragon Rider as there is no more formal training. Though no rider as young as Eragon has used magic before, Brom will hand him tasks to solve that require magic, in the same manner as Dragon Riders that came before.

He explains the workings of the words used to invoke magic as well, how they are very specific and must be used properly. Eragon quizzes Brom about the capabilities of magic, with Brom reassuring him of the dangers of overreaching with his power. The first task is to keep a pebble floating in the air. His scar glows and he is able to keep the pebble floating. Magic is also apparently affected by the distance a rider is from the target.

The rest of the day is spent with the pebble and at the end of the day, Brom gives him more words to memorize and they spar more with their sticks. As time passes, Eragon continues to study and practice and grow stronger, while Saphira grows bigger and more powerful. The next village they approach, they do so much more cautiously.

Daret is on the Ninor River and when they enter it, it is also empty. However, as they are leaving, they are accosted by sixty men with bows. The man who stops them, named Trevor, tells them how the Urgals threaten them and request Brom to carry a message that they need help from the empire.

Brom reveals to Eragon after they leave the man that he can read thoughts and that they are okay in Daret. He gives Eragon the task of trying the same trick. Brom tells him that he will also need to learn the ability to block others from reading his thoughts. They get their supplies and return to Saphira who is annoyed that they keep getting in trouble.

The night ends once more with the two sparring and Brom soundly thrashing Eragon. The next day Eragon decides to take Saphira for a ride. Brom advises him to use his mind and hold on carefully. She is not only stronger than before but has more maneuvers and does them without him telling her. He finally relaxes and is able to enjoy the ride. He realizes that it must have come from far away, so they decide to travel to a coastal town to ask around.

Brom tells him that they must travel to Teirm, with Eragon riding Saphira on alternating days during the trip. During the trip Brom teaches even more to Eragon, including information about where they are headed, how to kill something with magic by shooting a rock, as well as more of the Elfin language and information to help care for Saphira.

It takes another two days of traveling the woods near the Spine before the two reach the coast, only days from Teirm. The climate and area there are different as the ground turns to moss and mud. Eragon stops riding Saphira and rides the horse instead as they approach civilization and the two take on adopted names — Neal for Brom and Evan for Eragon. Brom will meet up with an old friend, Jeod when they reach Teirm. The city of Teirm is guarded and walled in, and Saphira must wait far outside the city while they go inside.

A man in the bar they visit, Martin, speaks up with information though before they are forced to pay for it. He informs them of the attacks on the shipping vessels and everyone being on edge. He also informs them of Jeod and where to find him.

They soon leave the tavern and head to the better half of the city. She appears mentally unbalanced at first, raving about toads. The two men are very vague about the past, not revealing anything to Eragon as he eavesdrops on the conversation. Brom decides they will rest before searching further and soon they send Eragon outside so they can discuss what are likely more secret matters. Brom tells Jeod about Saphira as well, and Jeod tells Brom that his services are needed by his employers.

They discuss the dwarves and their hiding place, and that there must be a traitor in their midst giving up information about the goods. Despite everything he hears, Eragon is still confused, and keeps his eavesdropping secret. The three men later go to a tavern and sit for a while, enjoying the evening before he returns to Saphira outside the city.

She is unhappy that he left her alone for so long. Brom decides to add the task of literacy to his training while in Teirm. Before bed, Eragon asks if he can conjure images of places far away, wanting to see his cousin Roran. He enters the shop and runs into Solembum, a werecat who he can communicate with. The cat knows he is a rider and the two are confrontational until Angel arrives.

She sense immediate danger in his future as well though and imminent death, as well as an epic romance. She warns of a betrayal from within his family, though Eragon is unsure why Roran would betray him. Solembum gives him another message as he leaves, to look for a weapon under the roots of a Menoa tree, as well as directions to a rock of Kuthian to regain his powers should they disappear. Brom is upset later because he was unable to gain access to the records, so decides that he has only one week to teach Eragon how to read and return.

The following days are spent learning the alphabet and letter sounds; the evenings filled with sparring. During their stay, they learn of more missing ships and murders in the city. After a week of practicing, Brom decides Eragon knows enough to help him with the shipping records. That night, while sleeping, Eragon has a dream of a young woman in a cell, crying and in pain.

He wakes himself in tears and upset by the dream. The next day, the three men leave for the government castle. They succeed this time with lies and reach the room consisting of the scrolls they need to study. As they search through the records, Solembum appears to Eragon as a small boy and asks whether they need help. They arrive and question them about being near the records and they once again lie, saying they are lost. He finally reveals the information Eragon seeks though, telling him that there is a war and that Brom is an agent for the Varden, the rebel group fighting against the Empire.

Both sides want control over the next dragon rider, which happens to be Eragon. There are two more dragon eggs, each held by the evil King, and that the next two riders will be loyal to the king. Brom reveals how he fought and killed Morzan, the last of the forsworn Dragon Riders to get the egg and how he promised to train the future rider of the dragon that would hatch. While trying to cross a stream, Eragon cracks his wrist and calls Saphira to him.

Eragon flees on Saphira and Brom rides below. With the Urgals closing on Brom, Eragon swoops in and cuts them off, and they try to convince him to meet with their master who they will not reveal the identity of.

Eragon tells them he would never think of it and they attack him. With a magic word, he attacks them with lightning, taking down all but one and draining himself. Saphira kills the final Urgal at the last minute and flies Eragon to safety. After a long sleep, Eragon wakes up sore and tired. He is alone for hours, and scryes to see Brom riding Saphira. He tries the same technique to see his cousin, and finds him in an odd place, not the mill he expected. He also tries with the girl from his dreams, and finds her in a cell, collapsed in pain.

A few minutes later, Brom and Saphira return with a bloody sword. He is curious now as to who could control such creatures. He scolds Eragon even more for his misuse of the magic, and vows to teach him better to not only control magic but to know when to properly use it. Brom and Eragon discuss the young woman in the cell that Eragon scryed. Brom is surprised as it is odd to be able to scry from a dream, while Eragon reveals how much he wants to find her. Brom continues to test Eragon profusely, forcing him to use only his left hand because of the broken right wrist.

Eragon eventually becomes more skilled than Brom and can finally defeat him, ending their sword training. This kind of dueling requires a strong understanding of the opponent as well as your own strength. Saphira is more cautious though, warning him against such rash behavior. The city is unplanned and harder to get around than Teirm and the residents are much less civilized, drinking blood and eating flesh during religious ceremonies.

Though Eragon is disgusted by their religion, Brom warns him against saying any such things to one of them. When they arrive, they witness many poor and hungry beggars and children. At the center of the city, where the wealthy live, they find an inn to rest in, deciding to stay for a few days. The two drank too much the night before and when they wake they can feel it. Searching the city, Brom warns Eragon to be wary and not do anything rash. Brom is intrigued but takes a couple of more days to gather information before they carry out their plan.

Brom leaves the inn early, telling Eragon to be careful, but to enjoy the city as much as he can. He fires arrows at them immediately, which they dodge. They soon have the assistance of a line of soldiers and march upon him.

Still running from them, Eragon scales a wall and hides in a nearby market, calling for Saphira to talk to Brom. They decide to all meet at the inn. They quickly pack and head for the gates, already half closed and guarded by soldiers. The two both utter magic words, taking down soldiers and stalling the gates. They slip free of the gates and escape as a crowd of people watch, astonished.

While talking in the camp that night, a roar in his head causes Eragon to collapse, unconscious. He cannot summon any magic words and finds that he has been drugged. Brom jumps in front of him though and takes the throw. After waking, Eragon clears his mind and asks Saphira how she is doing, and who it is that has helped them. He sees the man who rescued them by the fire and learns that his name is Murtagh.

Still in pain from the kick to his ribs, Eragon cannot quite stand. Apparently Brom is much worse off though, and when Eragon and Saphira try to heal his wound they find they cannot because the wound is too deep. Saphira carries Brom with the other two men on horses. Soon enough they must stop because Brom is too ill, resting in a cave for the night where Brom cannot drink any water. When Eragon wakes, Brom is in severe pain with a horrible fever and crying for wine. He asks Eragon to wash his hand with it, revealing the same scar that Eragon has on his own hand.

Brom reveals that he was a Dragon Rider himself in the past whose dragon was killed by Galbatorix and that her name was also Saphira. Brom reveals that the information was not needed before and that Eragon should care for his dragon with his life. He declares that he cannot fight the wound and that he will die soon, offering his blessing to Eragon before he does, giving him seven more Elfin words before he does.

He dies a few hours later. Eragon insists that they dig a grave and bury Brom, using his magic words to do so in stone. He dreams once again that night of the woman in the cell, unconscious and bleeding. Eragon decides he needs Murtagh with him, and that he should travel with them. Saphira tells Eragon the name of their next contact to find the Varden, a man named Dormnad. Eragon disguises himself after witnessing the many wanted posters with his likeness and name on them.

He keeps his birthday to himself and they travel in silence mostly. He continues to spar with Murtagh, practicing daily, but are evenly matched. In the morning however, an Urgal attacks followed by many more. He kills many of them before they manage to capture him and drag him away, unconscious. He cries to Saphira to run before doing so though. When he wakes, Eragon is covered in dried blood and is dizzy.

Behind an iron door, he is once again imprisoned and drugged, he cannot use his magic either. He remembers that the Urgals caught him and wonders at the man who brings him food and water. He sees the woman from his dreams however being carried from an adjacent cell and is excited by it. A pointy toothed fellow enters her cell, turning out to be a Shade and Eragon wonders at the cooperation of the soldiers with such a dark creature.

When he wakes up next time he realizes the drug is wearing thin and that his food and water are drugged to keep him under that influence, so he stops eating the food. He devises a plan to deal with his situation for when the drug wears off. The Shade arrives soon enough and argues with the jailer to see Eragon.

Pretending to still be drugged, Eragon asks the Shade for his identity, to which the Shade asks the same question. He makes up a name, pretending to be afraid, calling himself Du Sundavar Freohr. That night, they are ambushed by the Ra'zac. A stranger named Murtagh rescues them, but Brom is mortally wounded. Brom gives Eragon his blessing, reveals that he was once a Dragon Rider, with a dragon named Saphira, and dies.

Saphira uses magic to encase Brom in a diamond tomb. Murtagh becomes Eragon's new companion and they travel to the city of Gil'ead, seeking information on how to find the Varden, a group of rebels who seek the downfall of Galbatorix. Near Gil'ead, Eragon is captured and imprisoned in a jail that holds a female elf he had had recurring dreams about.

Murtagh and Saphira stage a rescue, and Eragon takes the unconscious elf with him. After fighting Durza, Murtagh seemingly kills him with an arrow shot through his head, and they escape. Eragon telepathically communicates with the elf, named Arya, who reveals she had sent the egg to him accidentally. From her, he learns the location of the Varden. Murtagh is reluctant to journey to the Varden, revealing that he is the son of Morzan, former leader of the Forsworn.

Eragon meets the leader of the Varden, Ajihad. Ajihad imprisons Murtagh after he refuses to allow his mind to be read, to determine his allegiance. Eragon is told by Ajihad that Murtagh failed to kill Durza, as the only way to kill a Shade is with a stab through the heart. Orik , nephew of the dwarf King Hrothgar , is appointed as Eragon and Saphira's guide. He runs into Angela and Solembum again, and visits Murtagh in prison.

He is tested by two magicians, The Twins , as well as Arya. Eragon and the Varden are then attacked by an immense Urgal army. Eragon personally battles Durza again, and, after a mental battle, is overwhelmed by Durza, who slashes him across the back. Arya and Saphira shatter Isidar Mithrim, a large sapphire that formed the roof of the chamber, to distract Durza, allowing Eragon to stab him through the heart with his sword.

Eragon received generally mixed reviews and was criticized for its derivative nature. However, she concluded the review by noting that "for all its flaws, it is an authentic work of great talent. Favorable reviews of Eragon often focused on the book's characters and plot. IGN 's Matt Casamassina called the book "entertaining", and added that "Paolini demonstrates that he understands how to hold the reader's eyes and this is what ultimately separates Eragon from countless other me-too fantasy novels.

The book was a "fun read" for him because it is "quick and exciting" and "packed" with action and magic. Lawrence concluded his review by giving the book a rating of 3. Eragon was the third best-selling children's hardback book of , [17] and the second best-selling children's paperback of A film adaptation of Eragon was released in the United States on December 15, Plans to create the film were first announced in February , when 20th Century Fox purchased the rights to Eragon.

The film was directed by first-timer Stefen Fangmeier , and written by Peter Buchman. Within hours, the hashtag began to trend with fans pushing for a proper adaptation. A video game adaptation of Eragon based primarily on the film, released in North America on November 14, The console and PC versions of the game are very similar, focusing on the same style of gameplay.

However, the Xbox edition features two exclusive levels. One is on foot as Eragon, and Saphira is controlled in the second mission. The game has received generally negative reviews usually receiving press averages around the out of 10 region or the equivalent , out of according to review aggregator sites Metacritic and GameRankings. The combined sales in North America were over , copies. The majority of the game is taken up by third-person combat, usually on foot.

Some missions permit the player to use the dragon Saphira in combat. The gameplay mechanics within these levels are largely similar to those in ground-based levels, with the exception of some different attack moves such as tail attacks. Protagonist Eragon sits on Saphira's back during these sections, and can be made to fire magic arrows.

The player has no choice as to whether or not they use Saphira. Similarly, the player cannot use Saphira in ground-based levels: they can call for her and she will swoop past, but it is not possible to use this feature to ride Saphira. There is a multiplayer co-op mode which allows two people to play through the main storyline.

It is possible to switch from playing a one-player game to a two-player game at any time. There are no Internet multiplayer options. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the novel by Christopher Paolini. For other uses of the name, see Eragon disambiguation. For the historical kingdom and region of modern Spain, see Aragon.

For the J. Tolkien character, see Aragorn. Knopf edition cover by John Jude Palencar , featuring the blue dragon Saphira. Dewey Decimal. See also: List of Inheritance Cycle characters. Main article: Eragon film. Main article: Eragon video game. New York: Alfred A.

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Eragon Book Review/ Book 1

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Eragon Summary. Eragon is a simple farm boy, living in a village in a secluded corner of a country known as Alagaësia. So far, so tame. A teen wrote this engrossing fantasy story. Read Common Sense Media's Eragon: The Inheritance Cycle, Book 1 review, age rating, and parents guide. The book tells the story of a farm boy, named Eragon, who finds a mysterious stone in the mountains. Not knowing the stone's origin or worth, he attempts to use.