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Anti cloning essays


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In other cases, many animal clones mysteriously die very young or before birth, making it very complex to understand the aging process in cloned organisms. This is an indicator of underlying internal issues in the functioning of cloned animals despite their normal physical appearances. Cloning negatively impacts on some of the human values especially individuality raising fundamental questions about the very nature of humans.

The possibility of a different approach to reproduction could lead to more harm to humans in many aspects. This is manifested in the numerous questions that emerge from reproductive technology related to moral concerns on family, society, and sexuality.

Cloning, therefore, becomes a violation of the fundamental basis of the human existence and can lead to the loss of genetic variation as well as compromise individuality. Additionally, clones are likely to be viewed as second-class humans among other unidentified psychosocial damages with far reaching impacts on the society and family.

Therefore, advocates of cloning fail to understand how cloning can revolutionize the nature of humans individuality and the dangers and risks that are associated with cloning despite the scientific benefits. It is also worth noting that there is no chance to weigh the potential risks in advance for human clones and therefore, the risks would be part of existence.

The uncertainties, failures, and dangers in experiments reflect and determine the destiny of the clones. Therefore, the burden of choice is inherently and unequally shifted to the clone by the involuntary recruitment to be used in experiments. Despite the advocates of cloning citing both therapeutic and reproductive potentials through cloning, this is confronted with numerous ethical, moral, political, and legal concerns on the adequate application of technology and the extents of scientific findings accuracy.

The advancement of technology, research and science should not compromise important nature values that are deeply held by most people globally. Additionally, based on technology and scientific research available, human cloning cannot be effectively realized despite success in other animals because there are numerous inadequacies whose solution is yet to be established to fully support cloning endeavors. There numerous limitations in most of the cloning success stories in animals and further advances should be prevented to avoid endangering the human identity.

In conclusion, the disadvantages of cloning clearly outweigh its advantages by far. The issues range from ethical to emotional that continually dominate arguments related to cloning. Despite the potential scientific benefits, it is evident that cloning should be banned because of the numerous concerns, controversies and issues evidenced by the numerous attempts to produce clones but have failed on many occasions.

Therefore, a critical approach and analysis of cloning show how fascinating genetic is through science and technology, however, the issue of cloning should be banned particularly in humans to ensure humans individuality is sustained while at the same time appreciating nature holistically. The possible dangers and enormous ethical concerns cloning poses, further efforts to clone particularly in humans should be banned.

If you want to find some samples or just an argumentative essay topics ideas just visist our blog to find out samples like Essay about Nutrition. It allows eugenicselection. What is Cloning? It is completely based on facts, statistics, examples etc. The act of cloning is simply wrong in a sense that natural life, adaptation, and individuality must thrive without interference from mankind. The cloning debate has sparked a serious controversy between science and ethics.

However, regardless of our viewpoint on cloning, this issue compels us to reflect on our values and make decisions that may alter the natural evolution of the human species. Cloning in general has been a rising debate across the globe since before Dolly the sheep was cloned in Cloning and genetic engineering are among the many developments …. It refers to an evil act by an individual or a group.

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