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You may think that your students are only interested in fiction readingbut the truth is that children are fascinated by the world around them. Studies have long touted the benefits of teaching students how to read nonfiction. Nonfiction text helps students develop background knowledgewhich in turn assists them as they encounter more difficult reading throughout their school years. Nonfiction can also help students learn to read text features not often found in works of fiction, including headings, graphs, and charts. Students used to rely on nonfiction non fiction book report activities for research projects from science to art. With the rise of digital sources, many students choose to simply do their research online.

Top mba application letter ideas good topics to write a proposal on

Top mba application letter ideas

The project was going to be tough. Many of my colleagues lobbied to avoid the assignment, but I saw an opportunity and requested it for myself. In addition, we beat the construction deadline by two days—an impressive feat in a department where the average project finished two months late.

By establishing what was expected at the beginning of the essay, then showing that he exceeded those expectations, this applicant has given the adcom the information they need to understand his performance. This also makes for a better piece of writing. A good example of this in fiction is the pre-battle briefing scene in Star Wars: A New Hope , where the general describes how hard it will be to destroy the Death Star they have to shoot a two-meter hole. This is all totally meaningless made-up nonsense and yet it heightens the perceived difficulty of the task ahead and makes the battle more exciting.

Meaning that at the beginning of the story you were X amount ready to do an MBA, but at the end of the story you were Y amount ready, where Y is greater than X. This experience taught me a lot about how to lead a crew, and how to train new employees on complex assignments.

Resist the temptation to get ahead of yourself when telling the story. Rather than tell your story through the prism of someone who has already learned the lesson, and knows what all the correct moves should have been and why, take us through it in real-time, BEFORE you came to those realizations.

Crucially this means a willingness to discuss initial mistakes and ignorance. Adcoms will not be turned off by this unless your mistakes were egregious and irredeemable. You get more value out of frankly discussing your initial blunders and laying out your learning process than you do by papering them over and pretending that you had total mastery all along. Countless applicants are nervous about revealing any vulnerability in their essays, but the truth is that adcoms are far more impressed by somebody who makes a mistake, owns up to it, and learns from it than from somebody who claims never to have made a mistake which we all know is impossible anyway!

Because B-school will expose you to lots of new ideas and new moves, in areas where you have no experience. They want to see you learning. That transition from A to B will say a lot more about your future potential than whatever skills you already have right now, in the early stages of your career. I hoped this would make the process easier to master, but after three successive failures, I realized that I had failed to equip my crew with a clear sense of the big picture.

I decided to go in the opposite direction, stop the work, and hold a minute theoretical discussion in the drill shack so that all hands could conceptualize how their role fit into a much larger context. It clicked, and from that moment forward, things went a lot smoother…. Many of these mistakes originate in applicants misunderstanding what the adcom values. Hopefully, these pointers have given you some ideas for how to start or improve your application essays.

Use them as a checklist, either to help cohere a million buzzing thoughts or as a litmus test to see how you did on your own. Once that foundation is set, your next challenge is to finesse the story organization, writing clarity, and dramatic tension to the point where the essays go from solid to mind-blowing.

Killer foundation with rough writing beats a weak foundation and super-polished prose eleven times out of ten. Since graduating from Columbia University in , he has worked with hundreds of MBA applicants on thousands of essays, helping his students maximize their MBA potential. Stay informed. Sign Up! Toggle navigation. Today's Featured Schools. Featured Schools. Search for:. You must be the protagonist Almost every applicant intuitively understands that they should be at the center of any events described in their application essays.

Stay Informed. Typically, prospective MBA students need an average of two or more years of professional experience. This will have given them a significant amount of time to not only showcase skills they will need to excel in their MBA program but also identify relationships that will be most conducive to their future academic and professional success. Now that you have a better understanding of why this student has selected you to write them a letter of recommendation, you can build on that information and relationship to construct it.

Your student will need the letter of recommendation to match the tone and message of their personal statement in order to compose a cohesive application. What better way to achieve this than to have it written by someone who spends ample time with them? Your natural relationship with the student will determine whether or not they request a letter of recommendation from you and the type of information that will need to be included in the business school letter of recommendation.

Your priority in this letter, and what you will see in the MBA recommendation sample, is to highlight the skills and qualifications of the applicant that you have directly observed and how that fulfills or exceeds the MBA program requirements. Your student should provide you with any submission instructions you may need. Most likely, this recommendation letter will not be submitted through the student. Should you feel uninformed on the process of submission, despite the information provided by the applicant, you may want to ask the following questions:.

Here are the individual sections of a proper letter of recommendation for an MBA program example. The letter of recommendation as a whole should fill one page and consist of an introduction, at least two body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

If you are struggling to find the proper tone of the letter of recommendation, you may want to review an MBA recommendation letter sample from a professor, manager, or other leadership figure to guide the language used in the letter. In any business school letter of recommendation template, the following aspects need to be included in the introduction:.

Once you get into the body of the recommendation letter, the balance of tone gets a little tricky. Try your best to maintain a formal, objective tone, while still representing your personal relationship with the applicant. Take a look at the executive MBA letter of recommendation samples below to get a feel for how this portion should be constructed.

Provide specific examples of how they manage responsibilities and why this trait contributes to their eligibility for acceptance to the MBA program. Keep in mind that the purpose of the letter is to honestly review why the applicant is the best choice for acceptance into the MBA program.

That said, mild criticism if applicable can go a long way in terms of objectivity and credibility when coupled with your praise of the applicant. For example, you can describe how the candidate responded to an adverse situation or criticism if their response was negative in nature. Make sure to follow this up with how they are improving on this trait. In the conclusion of your letter, summarize why you are recommending the applicant for acceptance in the MBA program.

Briefly reiterate your observations of the candidate throughout your relationship and their strongest qualifications for acceptance. Finally, leave the university an invitation to contact you should they require further information, and finish the letter of recommendation with a formal sign off—your printed name and signature beneath it.

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These courses broadened my view of techniques of managerial accounting and management strategy. Moreover, I attended many academic activities, such as lectures and debates, which served to further my interest in business and economics. Equally important, I had the opportunity to raise challenging questions to internationally known scholars. Apart from my studies, I acted as a student leader at our student union and volunteered in other activities such as London Olympic Games.

Also, I worked as a teaching assistant to Professor McSheer and assistant of manager in the summer internship at British Petroleum. Through these experiences, I strengthened my interpersonal skills by working with fellow team members and others. There are four key reasons why I want to study at this program. First, I selected your program because of its primary focus on business with the expectation that students already possess a strong understanding of science.

Second, Mr. Smith, a fellow student of the program, has provided me with his thoughts about the program. From our conversations, I became excited to learn about the courses such as advanced marketing. Third, I wish to grow to be a manager who can combine the science of technology with the art of management. I am thankful for his thoughtfulness and friendship. Skip To Content. Motivation letter for Master studies. June 13, May 17, admin. Thank you for your attention and consideration.

I look forward to your acceptance. Yours sincerely, Name Surname. These traits are important for MBA applicants, who must be able to perform under pressure, work hard, and lead discussions, groups, and projects while enrolled in their program. The claims made in the letter are supported by very specific examples, which help reinforce the points the letter writer is trying to make.

Finally, the recommender outlines the ways in which the subject could contribute to an MBA program. Share Flipboard Email. Karen Schweitzer. Business Education Expert. Karen Schweitzer is a business school admissions consultant, curriculum developer, and education writer. She has been advising MBA applicants since Updated August 14, Cite this Article Format. Schweitzer, Karen. Sample Business School Recommendation Letter. Sample Recommendation Letter for Graduate School. Sample Recommendation Letters for College Applicants.



The length and format of your letter will depend on what your program requires, but there are several tips that apply to all cover letters. A typical cover letter has paragraphs and is written on standard letter-sized paper in point font and with 1-inch margins. Show the admissions team why you want to attend this particular program. Also make note of any other connections you have to the school, such as a visit to campus or conversation with a recent graduate that influenced your decision to apply.

Your letter should be more formal than an email. Addressing the letter properly shows that you understand the conventions of professional business correspondence. Remember, this is your introduction, so let them know a bit about who you are and your work and educational background.

Biographical details, such as your country of origin or the time that you spent studying abroad, are also useful to present a well-rounded picture. The cover letter is an opportunity to sell yourself as a qualified applicant, and that means explaining any inconsistencies in your application. Did you change your course of study in the middle of your degree? Did you take a year off of work to volunteer overseas? Gaps or inconsistencies in your resume may make perfect sense once you explain them.

A shift in your career path or education may make more sense if you have a supervisor who is able to vouch for your abilities and on-the-job work experience. The letter is only around words in all, making it a very clear and concise example. Next, the applicant clearly states the purpose of the letter and goes on to reference a personal connection to the school in the form of an alumni interview. The information includes a specific name and date if the admissions committee wants to verify it.

On December 21, , I had the pleasure of interviewing with your alumnus, Mr. Stephen Meeker, a meeting that solidified my decision. This paragraph is short, and could include a little bit more information on the specific focus of study or likely career path, but it gets the job done. Next, they bring up their resume as evidence of their qualifications. Without going into too much detail up front, they mention a few skills and experiences that the admissions team can look out for in other sections of the application:.

Finally, they go on to mention future steps they will take to further their investment in the program, including an upcoming visit to campus. But, more than that, business schools ultimately care about who you are and whether you would be a good fit for their program.

This is where your application essays come in. The goal here is to complete the picture that your scores and stats began sketching. Take your time when writing these essays. They will form the image the admissions committee will see before they meet you at your interview. Write, edit, and edit again. Be sure there are no spelling or grammatical errors in your essay.

You want your portrait to be clean and clear. Once you are satisfied with your essay, ask a trusted friend, mentor, or admissions pro to read it. Now that you have the tools to write your compelling essay, check out Sample MBA Application Essays to see what you will be able to accomplish. Our world-class team helps you stand out from the competition and get accepted.

You want to get into a top business school, but you need to stand out from the tens of thousands of other impressive applicants. How can you separate yourself from the competition successfully? By crafting an excellent application essay.

Get Accepted! Find the service that best meets your needs:. Which program are you applying to? Read 7 Sample Essays. The Background Essay Read now. The Goals Essay Read now. The Guitarist Read now. Don't write like this! Read now. No two people have the same history. Use stories and examples to make your background bright and stand out to demonstrate what makes you special. Discuss how your history has brought you to this point. What is there in your background that compels you to pursue an MBA at this time?

Show your direction in the goals essay Use this opportunity to show that you have clear direction and purpose based on experience and planning. Use your optional essay to explain negatives in your stats If your GPA was lower than you would have liked early in your undergraduate education, use your essay to show how you learned from this experience.

Everyone makes mistakes. How you deal with your mistakes shows a lot to the admissions committee — determination, discipline, success, resilience, and breadth of experience are qualities that will serve you well in your MBA studies and later in life.

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